The Perfect Baby Shower Invitation

Few events in life are as significant and as special as the birth of a new baby. New babies are added to families each day in every country of the world. There are a wide variety of ways that the anticipation of a new baby is celebrated. One of the most popular ways that new life is celebrated in the U.S. is by throwing a baby shower. Typically involving the mother of the baby and female friends and family members, a baby shower is a time to anticipate the new life that is about to be born. Long before the baby shower happens the baby shower invitations are decided upon and sent out.

Receiving a baby shower invitation is something that most women look forward to. Sometimes, receiving a baby shower invitation is the first announcement a woman receives that her friend or family member is pregnant with a new baby. There are few things that women get as excited about as the birth of a baby. Women love receiving a baby shower invitation because it allows them to be a part of one of the greatest celebrations of all.

A baby shower invitation invites women to do what they love to do most: talk about, think about, and shop for new babies. Knowing this, it is important to take your time in selecting the perfect baby shower invitations anytime you are in charge of planning a special baby shower.

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Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Looking for a unique baby shower favor that you can pass out to all the guests? A baby shower favor is a very important part of the baby shower. It is the way you can thank your guests for attending the event. It will also help stir their own memories of the fun time they had at the shower. There are thousands of ideas that can easily be done when putting together baby shower party favors. However, two things that makes very classy and unique baby shower favors are food items and personalized items. Food, typical is a big hit for any part favor because well, honestly we all love little goodies and treats to eat. Food as a baby shower party favor is also a wonderful idea because you can be sure people will use the item or in this case eat the item instead of it sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Another fun idea is to personalize the shower item. This shows that you have gone the extra step and really thought about the person attending the event.

You will find some of the top ideas for personalizing baby shower favor below. These have been collected over time and only represent a small fraction of what is possible. You should spend time reading through the suggestions here and then let you r mind be creative and wander for a while. This will ensure you come up with something unique and individual.

Chocolates – Chocolates are always a wonderful gift to give as a shower favor be it for a wedding or a baby shower. Now if you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen slaving over the chocolates simple go to a craft store or even online and buy chocolates in bulk. Then separate and wrap them in small boxes or tins and personalize the baby shower favor with a computer-printed sticker. One really fun type of chocolate that is elegant and classy is a chocolate truffle. These make wonderful baby shower part favor to give to guests.

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Butcher Babies, Heavy Metal Conquest

On a September night in Hollywood, the red velvet curtains of the infamous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip ripple with an undeniable energy. Excitement pulsates through the crowd awaiting the arrival of Butcher Babies and their stunning lead singers Carla Harvey and Heidi Sheperd. The Roxy is an intimate and nostalgic venue that helped launch the careers of rock gods like Guns N’ Roses in the 1980’s and is the perfect forum for the L.A. based band to ignite their home crowd.

The curtain slowly rises at the sound of the first guitar riff. The crowd erupts as the red velvet slowly inches up and caresses the kettle black stilettoes and tight body suits of Harvey and Sheperd. The bottom of the curtain reaches the menacing eyes of Harvey who peruses the audience with a devilish grin behind obscure eye shadow. Shepard’s back is turned with a fist rising in the air above her flowing blonde locks and toned body as if awaiting the right time to start a war. Behind her, the empty eyes and jagged painted teeth on the faces of minions Henry Flury – lead guitar, Jason Klein – bass and Chris Warner – battle drums, stare forward possessed by the instruments beneath their fingers.

Their stage presence is gripping and their sound is infectious. You are instantly mesmerized by the raw sexuality and charisma of Sheperd and Harvey in the foreground of this sinister empire. You feel they could take your life at any moment…then they do. The screaming vocals of the two sirens rip through your soul with ferocity as the heavy guitars lift your flesh. Adrenaline rushes through your veins and you can hardly catch your breath as the mix of heavy metal, thrash, punk and chaotic beauty dominates your senses. Make no mistake about them – behind the music, theatrics, eye shadow and sexuality of Butcher Babies you will find two very articulate, passionate and driven women.

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Fun Baby Games To Play At The Baby Shower

Anyone who has ever has a baby knows that babies are lots of fun but baby shower games are fun for everyone because the mom-to-be, grandparents, and all the other adults get the opportunity to play like a kid. Some of the more popular baby games played at baby showers are Baby Truth or Dare, Measuring Up Mommy, and Sing It Baby!

Baby shower games like these are some of the ones that are played most frequently and are a simple way of showing the new mom-to-be that she is much highly thought of and appreciated. They also make for a great icebreaker helping people to get together and know each other better.

So how are these baby games played? Let’s take a look at each one.

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How To Host A Baby Shower In 12 Easy Steps

So you want to host a baby shower? Below are 12 easy steps on how to host a baby shower.

1. One of the best times to hold a baby shower is one to two months before the birth. Holding the party before the birth of the baby will give the mother time to buy the items that were not given as gifts during the baby shower. However, some people practice holding the baby shower a month or two after the birth.

2. Traditionally, a close friend of the new mom hosts the baby party. Relatives and co-workers can also host the event.

3. Baby showers are not only for first-born babies but also for subsequent babies. Every pregnancy is a reason to celebrate, so there is nothing wrong in throwing a baby shower for subsequent babies.

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